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Late in 1999, this site was suggested and developed as a focal point for clubs in the Region, and to allow counties to develop web sites of their own. Those same counties and clubs have now developed a much more instructive web based structure than we can supply here. Thus this web-site now  primarily serves as a conduit to the six member counties of N.C.A.S. who are shown below on the outline map, and as a resource centre for information not easily available. If we feel that members may have a difficulty in finding Archery related information that is available to us, we may then attempt to put a link to it from this site or a copy of it on this site.

When the G.N.A.S. (Now ArcheryGB) was created, the ‘British Isles and Northern Ireland’ was split into ‘Regions’ This region was set-up to serve the five Northern Counties of England, plus the Isle of Man, with representation on the ‘National Council’. This council has been replaced by a ‘Board of Directors’ but the region maintains some of it’s original authority.


The English Archery Federation

This linked logo will take you directly to the E.A.F. site where you can read how to qualify to shoot as part of an English Team or to claim a ‘Cross’ award amongst other things.

Our  Region is one of the 5 English Regions that constitute the membership of the Federation'.

 The E.A.F. also manages the 'English Cross' awards system plus the selection and management of England Archery Teams, where applicable, on behalf of the English Regional Societies.

Committee Meetings:

19th January 2019 -

16th March 2019 (Inc A.G.M.)

Meetings held at Wetherby.


from 1st Oct 2018

Why affiliate to N.C.A.S.?

Affiliation Notes for 2017/18

Affiliation Notes for 2018/19

Senior Archer (25+)

£2-00 per person

Senior Archer (18 - 24)

£2-00 per person

Junior Archer (under 18)

£0.20 per person

Archers with disabilities (Junior or Senior)

£0.20 per person

Juniors in School Club or Scout Group

£5-00 per club en-bloc fee

Archers in University Club

£20-00 per club en-bloc fee

NOTE: per club en-bloc but must be officially registered with G.N.A.S. as a club

Regional Competition Rota

Last year Results - 300917 - 011017

2018 - Cumbria, Junior Results

                            Senior Results

2019 - Cheshire,

2020 - Yorkshire,

2021 - Lancashire,

2022 - D.N.A.A.

Regional Event entry forms:

Kendal Field Shoot 6/7 April 2019

Regional Field Shoot. - Over for 2018

Regional Flight Shoot. - Over for 2018

Regional Clout Week-end. - 7/8 Sept 2019

Regional Twitter feed.